Dieses Video des von mir hochgeschätzten politischen Analysten Alexander Mercouris, möchte ich hier teilen. Es ist in Englisch und daher leider nur für diejenigen verständlich, die ausreichend gut Englisch verstehen können.

In dem Video drückt Mercouris deutlich aus, was in gewisser Weise Grundlage meines ganzen Blogs und meines Anliegens ist, – nämlich, dass Deutschland gemeinsam mit Russland so stark sind, dass sie kaum von irgend einer Macht gestoppt werden können.

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  • Tom Kath
    19. September 2021 at 07:31

    Any such alliance or cooperation with Russia, must now increasingly obviously, include China. Such a „BLOCK“ would remarkably resemble a world hegemon.

    • Alfred Kath
      21. September 2021 at 13:34

      Of coarse, Tom, China must be included – in some way or another and I have much less fear of that, than most of my (political) friends.
      I think the Chinese are far more able to and interested in a constructive cooperation which benefits both ( or all) parties. It is the typical Chinese thinking of „win -win situations. Of coarse, it is not always comfortable to deal with the enormous economic might of the Chinese – and the above said does not exclude the Chinese from using that leverage wisely.
      Apart from the fact, that I do not want to copy or implement the Chinese way of life or government (at least not one to one) – I think that they are far more willing to let us live „our“ way of life – or government, – than the USA is.
      So, from there on, I want to look at the question of „hegemon“.
      If you understand by „hegemon“ – the mightyest country or system on earth, – yes, I can see China getting there and it bothers me little.
      If you see „hegemon“ as dominating, interfering, dictating of terms, – then, as I said above, – I have less resentment or fear of China, than of USA.
      And – it is one of my major concerns, – that a European (or even a German) close cooperation with Russia, – minimises or reduces the potential dominance of China.
      I don’t even want to think of a European – Russian alliance AGAINST China, – but of a complementary body or force, which enables us to ascert taditional European values and interests – and enables us a greater scope to shape the world in our way.

  • Tom Kath
    7. Oktober 2021 at 05:40

    Yes, I agree that IF we must have a world dominating force, then this would be a far better one than the one we have had. There is however a continuing problem or fear that ANY world dominating force tends towards homogeneity (all the same behaviour) and intolerance of true cultural diversity.
    In any case, I fully agree that a PROMISE of such tolerance is vastly preferable to our recent demonstration and declaration of INTOLERANCE. – We can call it a „Rules based order“.

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